so, on this album, zazie and the gang decide to go all out gay dance club disco pop. i feel like wrapping a pink feather boa around my shoulders and dancing down the street in a pair of white nylon zip-up boots (yeah, i've thought quite a bit about this, obviously). it's very hard to take SODOM serious at this point, yet the band seems to be entirely serious. which is what is so fantastic about this, i suppose; they're not being ironic. like, not even a little bit. they most certainly want you to get into the groove, and feel the acid. which is wonderful, i guess. i mean, good for them that they want to have fun.

it's good for us, too, because this is a really fantastic album. if you enjoyed their album KING OV HOUSE (which is my favorite LP from them, though my favorite EP shall always be the dramatically different BEYOND) then you will like this. this is very much like their EP MATERIAL FLOWER, as well. though, here they have completely cut all of their ties to post-punk. and really, they shouldn't be remembered as a post-punk band (and certainly not a hardcore band, as they only had two hardcore LPs), as most of their output was this silly/sincere dance music. and i love them for it.

my favorite track on this album is probably the second track, "Slave To The Body". zazie's vocal delivery on this album is so delightful. he's completely given up his weird growling/moaning vocals here, which is fine, because he's a completely competent singer.

a second favorite would have to be the second to last track, "Dream..., Illusion...". the synth line (mimicking a flute of some sort) on this track is absolutely delightful. and, once again, zazie's voice sends shivers down my spine. so, maybe his voice isn't traditionally beautiful, but something about it really does make my hair stand on end. honestly, i think i'm rather glad that i don't know what he's singing about, because that could very well spoil it.

anyways, check this out if you want a really slow paced but completely catchy and still very strange pop album. i think SODOM may have finally become my favorite band. i can't get enough.

1. Skin Deep
2. Slave To The Body
3. It's Paradise
4. Morning Light
5. Dancing In The Moon
6. Orange Sunshine
7. Dream..., Illusion...
8. Double Side, Double Meaning



  1. They were also absolutely amazing live, in all their incarnations.

    Although I definitely prefer their industrial-styled releases, all of ソドム's output is pretty awesome.

  2. "Yukihiro Fukutomi: When I was working at a club, I started DJing there and eventually started programming after I left a band.

    Emmerald: What band was that? What style of music did you all play?

    Yukihiro: It was not an interesting band for me. I was not very good as a bass player then!"

    The band being SODOM, of course. As for myself, I wouldn't have minded playing bass in SODOM during any of their incarnations.

  3. @ nattliga: likewise.

    but, didn't yukihiro play keyboard? i thought bara had been their bass player for the entire time they even had a bass player.

  4. Hello. Nice to meet you. Sodom is the band where a member change is intense. The original member of Sodom is only Zazie. Bara withdraws from Sodom after having released "BEYOND". The reason why he withdrew from Sodom is because Zazie's music taste changed. Yukihiro Fukutomi was a bassist & Manipulator of their house era.

  5. I am Japanese. I'm from your youtube channel came to this site. I'll have a bad grade in English. If my English is strange, I'm sorry.

  6. awesome! I took 3 days to see fuuuu

  7. @ anon: it's always nice to have native insight into this sort of thing. thanks!

    @ elias: hahaha, i just assumed you already had it, actually, otherwise i would have told you. heh

  8. Thank you for comment. You know "Japanese underground performance music of 80's" well very much. A person knowing a lot about them like you is rare in young Japanese. I was surprised that I read this blog. I of 80's watched live performances of their musicians well . Zazie and I have talked a few times. There is considerably the music of Sodom that is not recorded in a CD. Their music had been played in Sodom's live.

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