VASSER... is one of my all time favorite albums from the visual-kei scene. it is also one of the first to get me into the entire scene. the music that DAS:VASSER makes here is absolutely filled with emotion and violent intent. the vocalist stumbles about, the guitars whine and crackle, groan and hiss. and yet it's so pure; when the vocalist stutters or when his voice cracks it just feels so genuine. it is perfectly imperfect.

this is quite a bit different from previous VK albums i've posted; it's much more accessible, and yet it's still completely crushing as a final product. most certainly check this out.

1. VASSER...
2. 「桜」
3. Cutting Extacy
4. 寡黙
5. attempt suicide (ノンフィクションヴァージョン)



  1. Great stuff, love D:V!!

    Ya know, one of the reasons I love your blog is the detail you put into your descriptions. Not only does it help stir interest in the music, but it also makes you think more about what you're listening to.

  2. thanks! i'm glad to know someone is reading it. :3