SOIL is a perfect pop album from Syoko, the vocalist of G-Schmitt. this was her first solo album, and it was released the same year as G-Schmitt's brilliant sin, secret & desire. it was even recorded in the same studio as that album.

when first listening to this album, i kept getting reminded of the OST's for Tonari no Totoro and Tenkū no Shiro Rapyuta, as well as a few other early soundtracks by 久石譲. and that's because, as i later discovered, this album was produced, composed, and arranged by the mastermind behind so many of Studio Ghibli's films. yeah, i shit you not. the very delicate, raindrop synths on this album sound very much like some of the less childlike songs from Tonari no Totoro (which remains not only my favorite OST by 久石譲, but also my favorite film by Studio Ghibli).

so, this album is absolutely perfect to my ears. it features my favorite vocalist and my favorite contemporary composer. what's not to like? the songs are perfectly structured, and wonderfully elegant. Syoko has such passion in her voice. i am absolutely swept away by the grace she exhibits here on this pop meets post-punk masterpiece.

(ps. unfortunately the first track sounds a bit off because the vinyl was apparently very scratched, but it clears up a bit about a third of the way through the song, and luckily you can still hear exactly what's going on this song. what i'm saying is it is by no means ruined; it's still probably my second favorite track on the album, after the excellent "Sphinx In The Night". anyways, thanks to BlackiceLORD for this!)

1. Erewhon
2. Criminal Shuffle
3. Sphinx In The Night
4. Magie
5. Sunday Never Comes
6. Sunset



  1. ミスター スミスSeptember 1, 2011 at 1:48 PM

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Whaaaaat? Joe "Award-Winning Composer Of Some Of The Greatest Soundtracks Ever Composed" Hisaishi collaborated with Syoko from G-SCHMITT?! I had NO idea, this sounds amazing, getting it right now.

  3. Reissue Release

    I think i will buy 2 copies.