here is, as far as i'm concerned, SODOM's greatest achievement: BEYOND. it is the only time (as far as i know) that SODOM performed such luscious post-punk. sure, they did post-punk on TV MURDER, but that was an entirely different beast. although i love every single album/EP/single that SODOM put out, this is easily my favorite. few post-punk singles even come close, as far as i'm concerned, to the grandness of "Castle In The Air" and the title track.

on the title track, "Beyond...", the sound is just so . . . indescribable. it is exotic and lofty; heavenly, in a word. not terribly threatening, but with this single/EP/whatever they really didn't try to be loud or aggressive. with this song they achieved a beauty that i have rarely heard anywhere else. it sends shivers down my spine.

the b-side, "Castle In The Air", is almost as powerful as the title track. i can't get over the percussion on this track. it's so catchy, so perfect.

while i loved what they did after this single, i feel it was a mistake for them to move on so soon to . . . whatever it is they were doing on King Ov House.

(credit goes to elias for sharing this with me.)

1. Beyond...
2. Castle In The Air



  1. I really love this band. The hardcore punk and industrial sounds they created are absolutely perfect. Its crazy that they went from one to the other in a near heartbeat. To be honest, however, I'm not as big a fan of their material on "King of House", although I do appreciate it.

    Do you have their "Material Flower" single? I've been looking everywhere for it.

    Love your blog. Link exchange?

  2. "link exchange" . . . ?

    but i love King Ov House! it's so corny, but it's absolutely delicious. i can't get enough of it.

    i really wish i had Material Flower, but that one doesn't seem to exist anywhere on the internet. but, it's not terribly rare on internet auctions, so i might get around to buying it one of these days . . .

    i have heard all of the songs from Material Flower on youtube, though. they're excellent. they're like a mix between this single and King Ov House, though.

  3. Link exchange: i post a link to your blog on mine, you post a link to mine on yours. Togawa Jun is sacred to me, so it's nice to find someone else who appreciates her.

    I've also heard most of the "Material Flower" songs on Youtube. The videos for the songs are interesting. Zazie just keeps staring into the fishbowl.....

  4. oh, of course i'll follow you! :3