Guilty Connector - DIFFERENT WATER

Different Water is an album by Guilty Connector. the title of the album is very fitting, considering the contents within; the roar of a waterfall, the bubbling of a brook, and the flowing of a fountain. this album explores the tranquility, as well as the violence, of water. the music crashes like a wave and then returns to the source, only to return to the shore and crash again. nakagawa kohei does his best to force the feeling of being caught in the undertow upon us.

my favorite track is probably the fourth track, titled "The Wheel Is Grind". it begins by roaring and screaming just like any other track on the album, but is soon intercepted by low ambient rolling, like the rolling of relentless waves.

download this album. now.

1. Different Water
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Evil Possessor
4. The Wheel Is Grind
5. Piss Factory
6. Guiltily Solvency
7. Xeno Phonogram



A+b No.0 9P - A+b No.0 9P

A+b No.0 9P were a coldwave/dance-pop band from the 1990s (i assume). their sound is cold and mechanical. the vocals are distant and so processed through a machine that i imagine it would even be hard to understand if you did indeed speak japanese (though i think he might be talking about cocaine and heroine in engrish at one point during the second track of this demo). they are quite unlike a lot of the later shittier coldwave, pseudo-industrial bands in that their sound is completely smothered in distortion and grit.

really good shit. incredibly catchy beats. if you liked the previous album i posted then you'll probably like this, too.

1. count 0
2. A+B
3. mind control




TETSUO is a compilation by 石川忠. it is made up of tracks from the soundtracks that he did for the first two Tetsuo movies by the brilliant 塚本晋也. one of the most incredible parts about those two films was the pounding post-industrial beats and roaring synths. as the protagonist transforms and mutates into a monster of iron, tubing, and wires, the music builds and crashes down, builds and crashes down, repeat. it almost feels like a music video once or twice throughout the film.

this is one of my all time favorite soundtracks. it should not be passed up.

1. Megatron
2. The Sixth Tooth
3. Rana-Porosa Porosa I
4. Mausoleum
5. Lost
6. Dinosauroid
7. Rana-Porosa Porosa II
8. A Burned Figure




Melting Softly Into Time is an album by one of my favorite noise acts, Macronympha (aka Joseph Roemer). superficially this is a very violent, threatening album, but upon further inspection i have found a much more beautiful side of the album. the textures that Roemer creates on these two tracks are absolutely stunning. the banging and crashing all comes together to form this perfect sound that is almost impossible to describe. it's just that good.

honestly, i'm convinced that this is his opus.

1. Household Appliances
2. Deconstructed Fragments Of A Thrown-Away Past




In An Autumn Garden is a composition by the legendary 武満徹 (Takemitzu Toru). this piece is one of the most stunning of his works. the music is primarily played upon a biwa, but other traditional japanese instruments join in.

the first track, "In An Autumn Garden" (which is apparently a gagaku piece), begins with a slow drum beat that sounds like the dripping of water in a forest, and then the humming of the string instruments glides in. this high pitched humming and whining continues for a while (it sounds like birds and crickets, to be honest), until it trails off about 3/4th of the way in, and it is met by a faster, building drum beat and a meditating biwa and shakuhachi.

the entire composition is breathtaking. i'm not sure if the version i present here is properly separated, but that shouldn't change your listening experience.



宮田耕八朗 - Shakuhachi - The Japanese Flute

宮田耕八朗 is a shakuhachi player who is known for playing with the Ensemble Nipponia (a traditional japanese musical group). the music he plays on this particular album is quite haunting. this instrument primarily makes a low wind sound (though every once in a while a shrill note is played, and the effect sends chills up my spine), and the bamboo origins of the flute are quite obvious; the sound is thick and raspy.

absolutely chilling.

1. 本調
2. 山谷
3. 鶴の巣籠
4. 鹿の遠音
5. 秋田菅垣