JOJO広重 - このまま死んでしまいたい

JOJO広重 is most well known for being the leader of legendary noise unit Hijokaidan (who i have argued, in the past, were most likely the founder of modern noise). he also has a fantastic (and still active) solo career. this album is from his solo career.

to me, it sounds like a much more structured Viva Angel, which is already Hijokaidan's most accessible release to date. it's different in that it has cleaner production. it does retain the psychedelic sound, à la Les Rallizes Denudes or Fushitsusha, but the guitars are not layered in mountains of feedback and static.

a really fantastic album that my friend Avarance- was kind enough to share with me. i hadn't been able to find it until he gave it to me, so i am indebted to him. he also shared some Sai Yoshiko, which i shall upload at a later date.

1. なんでもいいからヤッちまえ
2. 神よ
3. 生きていることが罪になる
4. ダメ人間
5. 締観
6. 三月の雪
7. 死にたいだけ




ZELDA was an all girl rock band. curiously, they got into the Guinness Book of Records for being the longest lasting all girl rock band to ever exist. a very admirable achievement, i guess.

this is a truly beautiful album. it reminds me of After Dinner (the operatic wailing on 私の楽団(オーケストラ) is very reminiscent of the live performance of "After Dinner"), or perhaps Togawa Jun, whose wailing opera voice is what made her famous (though, the music doesn't sound much like Togawa's music).

really beautiful, jazzy music that has become one of my favorites ever since i discovered them over at Female Trouble.

1. うめたて (this track appears to be missing.)
2. 私の楽団(オーケストラ)
3. サラブレッド~ソナタII
4. アー・ユー・“ラッキー”?~ラッキー少年のうた
5. スローターハウス
6. 天鵞絨(ビロード)の島
7. セイレーン
8. 東京タワー
9. Z-JA-Z
10. 遊糸飛行


(ps. if you want a hint about who my new account is on last.fm, just look for a user who has AMPPEZ and Zelda as top artists. but don't say "OH HEY, IS THIS YOUNGHATE'S NEW ACCOUNT? just add me. be cool.)

A SPECTACULAR BLOG: honeymoon period

I'D LIKE to use this post to quickly suggest you visit a new favorite blog that a friend of mine is running. it's called HONEYMOON PERIOD. spectacular japtunes. they/he reblogged Kuru Kuru World from this blog (even gave credit!), so i thought i'd like to spread the love!



WELCOME TO BIZZARO SOFTLY SLEEPING ROSE! today is a history-making event for this blog, as i'm posting something that is genuinely upbeat with no upsetting or melancholic undercurrents of pain and miseryyyyy.

i would like to introduce you to AMPPEZ, a "Cool and Emotional Balladic Girl Rock from Shizuoka Japan" (as their awkwardly translated last.fm bio describes them). i'm not sure of the genre, as i don't usually pay attention to music like this. i think it might be shoegaze or something like that, maybe pop-punk. ANYWAYS, what you have here is some of the most uplifting, adorable, and mind-numbingly touching music you'll ever hear. the vocalist's scratchy voice is, in almost every song, accompanied by heartfelt shouts from her band mates, which is one of the most satisfying things about this to me.

grrlz r00l up teh punx ♥ ♥ ♥


Haven't posted in a while

because my laptop has been in the shop. unfortunately, that's where all of my music is. fuck.

will be back on my weekly uploading schedule (or is it bi-weekly?) sometime this week. expect an album then.



G-SCHMITT's album Struggle To Survive is a goth-rock masterpiece. one of the best albums in the genre. it is essentially what Siouxsie Sioux always wanted to be but could never actually become (later on, i shall post an album by a band that Siouxsie Sioux wanted to sound like in the formative years of The Banshees).

the highlight track is undoubtedly "Grand Circle", a slow, churning song that finally ends with a fantastic guitar solo (goth-rock is one of the few genres to make guitar solos sound good, if you ask me).

1. Kの葬列(k)
2. catholic(new vocal)
3. limit
4. 千夜一夜(the 1001 nights)
5. farewell
6. waltz
7. mescaline dream
8. 赤い華(belladonna) re-mix
9. lotus garden
10. someday somewhere
11. grand circle
12. public game
13. farewell (live)