El Dorado was, as far as i know, ALLERGY's only studio album. it's brilliant. i still prefer their live album that was recorded at the Shinjuku Loft, but that's simply because of the energy. that album remains my favorite live album ever recorded. this is just really great source material, i suppose. and it's awesome to hear how they sound here, and then compare it to the live album; they perform better live. i always wonder how that comes to be; does the producer force them into a different sound (like with the very well known case of Joy Division, where their producer wanted them to have a much more mellow and less punk sound for their album). regardless, i don't care too much in the long run, as this is still a perfect album. any fans of the live album should enjoy this, without a doubt.

1. Poker Face City
2. 追放者
3. Burning Angel
4. El Dorado
5. Joker
6. Our Time
7. Tokyo Frustration
8. Double Think
9. J.B.の夢
10. Plastic Toy



  1. This is awesome. I notice there's some live tracks on this album too. Are they not as awesome as the tracks on the live album you have, or is your ire specifically for the studio tracks? (my internet's pretty limited, so I like to know what I'm downloading before I waste time on it. Should I assume the live tracks here show the same enthusiasm as the others?)

    Oh, and dude, I'd totally have your alien buttbabies if you could get the new album あざらし, or any Syster stuff besides the one album Elias as on Evil En Lucifer. Alien. Butt. Babies.

  2. yes, the lives here are fantastic, too. :3 download it. you won't regret it.

    which album were you looking for by あざらし? i have a handful of their albums, and would be willing to post something else by them.

    as for Syster, i wasn't even aware that they had another album besides ホルマリン浸けにした君の体温.

  3. actually just got this disc in the mail today. will be putting up a fresh 320 rip on my blog if you are interested.

  4. Heh, check out this @ ca 0:35 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-7-Fir6Rfo

    Compare and contrast to "Poker Face City" ...homage or rip-off?

  5. @ nattliga: rip-off. without a doubt. i mean, i'd like to think it's a homage, but the visual kei scene was very sketchy, wasn't it?

    this is a little sad, because i like Gilles De Rais just fine.

  6. Agreed. "Pleasure Song" = rip-off city.

    I was a big, BIG fan of Gilles de Rais back in the day ...not sure if I still am, haven't listened to any of their records for ages. Them biting ALLERGY doesn't exactly help either.

    As for visual kei:s sketchiness ...y'now, I thinks it's all part of the charm. Then again, you've got bands like LUNA SEA, SCARE CROW and SAKRUN just killing shit more or less out of the blue (the latter two probably somewhat influences by LUNA SEA, but still).

    Not to mention those sublime blips on the radar, appearing on a compilation or two and then disappearing into complete obscurity (DUXLL, GRAY and such).