Dissecting Table is a superb industrial/power electronics act by Ichiro Tsuji. his music is kinda like Contagious Orgasm's evil brother; still the same weird sound sampling, but now with grindcore vocals and a focus on pain and suffering.

my favorite track is the pounding "Dark Side Of Life". the roaring vocals and relentless beat on this track are flooring.

1. From Life To Death
2. Road To Death
3. Desperate Situation
4. Death March
5. Murder Music
6. Dark Side Of Life
7. Ruin
8. Cosmic Death


kc+loid -「弑逆の理」

「弑逆の理」 is one of my favorite albums from the "visual kei" scene in early the 1990s in Japan. of course, this really has nothing to do with bullshit like Malice Mizer or AN CAFE; plenty of legit post-punk, goth/death-rock, and hardcore (often a fusion of the those three genres) bands played in the scene. KC+loid is something else entirely. from the beginning of the album to the end it is a spectacular piece of post-punk. it is as melancholic and loathing as any Cinema Strange or Sex Gang Children album.

the standout track, as far as i'm concerned, is the finale: "Genesis of Lasting".

1. 凶葬
2. 水槽の中の鳥-dying swan-
3. Death Penalty
4. ドグマティズム
5. 碧い棺桶
6. 「弑逆の理」
7. 終わらない世界
8. Genesis of Lasting



Singing Circuit is SHI-SHONEN's 1985 album. it's pop in the most sublime form; beautiful, flowing synth, gentle guitars and horns, and catchy beats.
recommended for fans of P-Model or IPPU-DO.

notably, SHI-SHONEN got help on this record from the master himself, Haruomi Hosono.

1. Lovely Singin' Circuit
2. デジタブル・イン・ベッド
3. N-S マグネティック
4. Bye-Bye Yuppie Boy
6. 嘆きのシステム
7. リップ・ビーズ
8. ラジコン童
9. 水の写像
10. L.S.I.C



1955 - 2010

Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson died yesterday, in his sleep, at the age of 55. cosey fanni tutti and chris carter insist that he died peacefully, in their statement about his death. he died in bangkok, hopefully in the arms of a lovely thai boy. for now, he joins jhonn in the grave.

i share with you now what i believe to be his seminal work with COIL: Summer Solstice: Bee Stings. though Ape Of Naples is usually considered their seminal work, i have always had a preference for Bee Stings due to it's far more melancholic tone. the distorted guitars and droning synths on this album, accompanied by jhonn's low, mourning voice, is absolutely crushing. the best track, by far, is the opening, "Bee Stings". it almost sounds like a Legendary Pink Dots track.

1. Bee Stings
2. Glowworms/Waveforms
3. Summer Substructures
4. A Warning From the Sun (For Fritz)


farewell, sleazy.



Costom Cock Confused Death is an album by Masaya Nakahara (of Violent Onsen Geisha fame). essentially, it's very much like a VOG album, but more focused, and less comical (though the sense of humor is still there). this album is full of tight, short little tracks, violent blasts of slurred static and hip-hop beats, layered over sample after sample after sample, and with a bit of psychedelic rock guitar warbling here and there.

download this or you'll hate yourself forever.

1. The Exciting Introduction
2. Underhair World
3. 3
4. Doomed Love Parade
5. Organic Orgasm
6. 6
7. Woman
8. 8
9. The Special
10. 11
11. 10
12. 12
13. Spanish 808
14. 14
15. I Like Percussion
16. 16
17. Kill The Animals Project
18. The Perfect Bongo Sessions
19. A Tragedy Of The Espresso Machine
20. 20
21. Tired
22. Regret


中森明菜 - CRUISE

中森明菜's 1989 album CRUISE is an absolute masterpiece. that's all that can be said. every song is perfect. her deep, thick voice flows over the ballads on this album like the sweetest milk. truly a delight.

2. 赤い不思議)
3. さよならじゃ終わらない
5. 乱火
6. Close Your Eyes
7. Standing In Blue
8. 風は空の彼方
10. 雨が降ってた…



井内賢吾 - あなたの狂気の春が咲く

あなたの狂気の春が咲く is an album by 井内賢吾 (or, Kingo Iuchi) from 1997. essentially, nothing seems to be known in the western world about Iuchi (and, when you put his name written in kanji into google, not many useful japanese sites come up, either). as another blogger put it, he seems to be a complete mystery. there aren't even any good pictures of him (the only ones that can be found are horribly blurred, in red, or in black and white [there are a few faces on his album Inugami to Kachiku, but i'm not sure if they're actually Iuchi or not]).

the music that Iuchi makes is a mix of noise and the blackest of folk. his voice pants, shouts, hisses, screams, and cracks up, and his guitar crackles and twangs, sounding more like a biwa than a guitar. in fact, from time to time, he does indeed sound like a biwa player from the early Edo period, chanting a story of ghosts and oni spirits in a buddhist temple.

worth noting is the spectacular album art by the legendary Suehiro Maruo.

1. 盲人の白い花
2. 夢犯
3. 紅虫
4. 溺泥の詩
5. 幻覚灯篭
6. LSD:宇宙は本当は無い
7. 肉のような嫌な匂い
8. 死ぬまであなたは苦しめばよい
9. かざぐるま
10. 夢うつつの世界



Contagious Orgasm - SPILL DROP

Spill Drop is an album by Contagious Orgasm (aka Hiroshi Hashimoto). a good album. too tired to write a description right now.

just download it.

1. Melancholy Spiders
2. Cill Drop
3. Aqua Soma (Edit)
4. Realization Set In
5. The Room Of The Whisper
6. The Museum's Marble Floor
7. Hypnotic Skills
8. Harvest Song
9. This Point, Just On Automatic
10. Now, YOU Are In Deep Trouble
11. Aqua Soma




The Sodality was a very mysterious italian power electronics act. this is the only album that he released. supposedly there is some back catalog material, but it seems highly unlikely that shall ever be released. for now, though, most PE and noise fans are fine with only having Beyond Unknown Pleasures.

this album is often considered to be the best power electronics album of all time. one of the single most vicious and uncomfortable PE albums to ever be released. everything about it is simply flawless. the lyrics, the vocals, the electronics, everything. but mostly the vocals. the electronics stays low (mostly rumbling and hissing, sometimes there's a high-pitched whine or two) so that the vocals can really take control.
this album really gives you a good idea why the name of the genre is "power" electronics; the lyrics are the ultimate portrayal of victimization and absolute control.

you have to download this if you like PE or noise.

1. They Never Learn
2. I Can't Stand A Bitchy Chick
3. Catch The Whore
4. I Want Your Blood
5. The Kiddie Eater
6. Fuck Mastery
7. The Younger - The Better
8. Beyond Unknown Pleasure
9. Orgies Of Crime
10. And So You Shall



戸川純 - 20th JUN TOGAWA

20th Jun Togawa is another more modern piece by the legendary 戸川純. a cover album where she pays tribute to Brigitte Fontaine, Vanessa Paradis, Patti Smith, and other western classics. her versions of the songs covered here are (except for "Comme A la Radio") have very little in common with the originals. Togawa's voice sounds as childlike as ever, particularly on the delightful cover of "Joe le Taxi".

one or two of the songs on this album (for example, the tired "All Tomorrow's Parties") are worthless in their original form, but somehow togawa manages to fill them with the spark of life.

edit: hahaha, some dumb cunt over at Stylus Magazine apparently gave this album an "F". i can't stop laughing, oh my god my stomach hurts ahahahaha repulsive fucking hipster cunts oh man, somebody put me out of my misery ahahahaha.
on the other hand, the producer Jim O'Rourke (who has worked with the likes of KK Null, Merzbow, Nurse With Wound, and has produced albums for Sonic Youth and Faust) said it was one of the best albums of the year that it came out.



SilhouetteNewRomance - STOWAWAY TO PARADIS

STOWAWAY TO PARADIS is a split between goatbed and SilhouetteNewRomance. goatbed has quite a few other albums, but the five songs that SilhoutteNewRomance offer up here (covers and tributes to well known western songs) seem to be the only songs in their entire discography. a real shame, because they're almost as good as the songs that goatbed offer on this split.

both bands are snyth-pop of the highest order; danceable beats, androgynous voices, and mutated guitar riffs fill up this split. of course, i can't imagine you'd hear these tracks on the dancefloor of a club in Shibuya; they're too strange to ever appeal to a mass audience.

for fans of oldschool synth-pop like 細野晴臣 (Hosono Haruomi), Yellow Magic Orchestra, and 土屋昌巳 (Masami Tsuchiya), the sound that goatbed produces will be very recognizable. it is impossible that goatbed wasn't influenced by at least the first two (and their image looks like 土屋昌巳's). their track "Vogue Man" even reminds me of 細野晴臣 masterpiece, "Sportsmen".

the two highlight tracks on this split are goatbed's "Vogue Man" and SNR's "Never Mind The Boutique (Who's that no Futurist)".
here's a spectacular performance of the goatbed track in question. if that doesn't convince you then i don't know what will.


水玉消防団 - 乙女の祈りはダッダッダッ!

水玉消防団 (mizutama shobodan) were a post-punk act that released their first album, 乙女の祈りはダッダッダッ!, in 1981. this is the album i show people when they ask me about post-punk. considering how much post-punk gets posted here, that should say something.

i don't know much about this band. essentially, i only have knowledge of the vocalist, Tenko. she seems to be fairly well known in the avant-garde arena. she even had a relationship with Fred Frith. her rough, sarcastic voice is perhaps the best part about this band.

this is the band that (in a previous post) i compared to early sioxsie sioux and the banshees. essentially, this is what siouxsie sioux wanted to sound like with her early punk sound, but she never quite had the aggression or chaotic sound that 水玉消防団 had.

if you only download one album from this blog, then you should make it this one.