by request, here's Macronympha's Relentless Agony. this tape is really fantastic. this is one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite noise musicians (my second favorite after 非常階段). the sound he presents here is absolutely terrifying. it rends me in two, and completely rapes me. i can't get enough.

my favorite track on this album is probably "Methane Gas Trigger". the light rhythm going on here is delightfully catchy, until it fades back out again and then my head is split down the middle. this is one of my favorite noise tracks, period.

1. Headache Remedy
2. Rock Slide 1
3. Rock Slide 2
4. The Hatred Of Love
5. Methane Gas Trigger
6. Coal-Mine Structure Collapse
7. Hurricane Warning
8. Tainted Woman



  1. May I request hip-hop? When I searched for the Burst City movie I found a torrent that also had another movie with it. I think it was called "Death Powder" and the only thing I can remember from it (except that it was a total acid trip) was this hip-hop track starting in the beginning when 2 guys are driving somewhere. I also wonder if you have anything by Deep Red or ATP. Otherwise I could share the stuff I have from them.

  2. Hey, Loser Knife, have you heard "Asshole / Snail Dilemma"? I think you would enjoy the nice, disturbing sound. Masonna even makes an appearance.

  3. @ anon: i don't really listen to any japanese hip-hop unless it's HALCALI.

    @ Dylan: you mean by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck? yes, of course i've heard it. it's incredible. the packaging is fucking revolting. a friend of mine bought it and it actually had locks of real hair in it. nasty/awesome.