so, here's MOTHER GOOSE's album. i'm under the impression that this album is particularly rare. i only found this recently, too, so i can believe it.

this album is interesting. the sound they have going here kinda makes me think they were inspired by thrash metal. i mean, it's goth for sure, but it sounds like they were inspired by thrash. so, actually it kinda reminds me of early music from the visual kei scene (but only in technique and spirit). they do the really quick strumming on a couple tracks (like the first track), but the percussion on the entire album is unmistakably goth. very simplistic and yet chaotic. actually, this entire album is rather chaotic. i guess the fast drumming, fast guitar strumming, and the vocalist's really weird voice all cause this. it did take me a while to get used to his voice. it's very squeaky and nasally. kinda cartoonish sounding, actually. it gives the entire album this really strange feeling, like it's sarcastic and mean spirited (maybe i'm just imagining that, but that does seem to be the tones that are being expressed here).

anyways, i really enjoyed this and i'm sure you will, too. if you like both thrash (or hardcore, i guess) and goth then get this. sooner rather than later.

1. Too Dance
2. Red Star
3. In The Far East
4. Lulu
5. Channel 2
6. Biss
7. Xeno
8. Missing Space



  1. Been looking for this ever since I heard them on the tokyo dead line comp. Thanks dudertato!

  2. Could I ask for a re-upload? I'm loving this stuff, but can't find this EP anywhere else!