MSBR / 井内賢吾 - 壱

by request, here is . is a live collaboration between noise legend MSBR and folk oracle 井内賢吾, recorded on two nights in 1998, and in 1997. both artists are at their prime here. MSBR's synths and tape manipulations are hazy and swampy feeling. 井内賢吾's voice is as terrifying as ever. truly, he is a portal to jigoku. his guitars shake and quiver, like a plague victim coughing out its last breaths. when the oracle begins to howl, my heart palpitates, and i am filled with the deepest sense of dread, and of complete doom. MSBR's noisings are the shadows in this bunraku play, and 井内賢吾 is the lone priest, praying to the holy buddha, but receiving no comfort.

MSBR (aka 田野幸治) is dead. he lost his fight with cancer in 2005. i wouldn't be surprised in the slightest of 井内賢吾 is dead as well. as i have mentioned before, he has essentially disappeared from the world, leaving very little trace. it strikes me as oddly appropriate, considering the nature of his music. sheer bleak terror, shrieks of pain from the waiting grave.

1. Psychic Blue
2. live on 23-05-‘98
3. live on 24-01-’98
4. - (a japanese title. unfortunately i don't know what it is.)
5. live on 24-11-’97



  1. Thanks eternally ^^

  2. Found the tracklist googling a bit that included the Japanese title for track 4.

    一・psychic blue
    二・live on 23-05-98[recorded at uplink factory in Tokyo]
    三・live on 24-01-98[recorded at Omega Point in Gunnma]
    五・live on 24-11-97[recorded at trauma studio in Tokyo]