EP-4 - 昭和大赦-リンガ・フランカ1

昭和大赦-リンガ・フランカ1 is a quirky little album by kyoto based EP-4. the music is like funk music if you ran it through LSD + a snuff film's soundtrack. lots of distortion, and shaking and rattling percussion. lots of funny horns and samples, and the vocalist sounds like he's always just out of reach of the mic. his pinched-nosed singing echoes across the whaling synths and corny guitars.

absolutely delightful. i'm not sure what to compare this to, really, as there's nothing quite like it.

1. ロボフッド・プロセス
2. ザ・フランプ・ジャンプ
3. ココナッツ
4. E・パワー
5. ブロークン・バイサクル
6. タイド・ゲージ


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