dip in the pool - RETINAE

here's another album by dip in the pool. this is quite unlike their self-titled album that i posted a while back. nothing quite as strange is happening on this album. regardless, the vocalist seems to be in complete control now, and the few times they do experiment with sound here it sounds luscious. in fact, this whole album can easily be described as "luscious". soft watery sounds and humming birds flitting from flower to dew dropped-flower. all the same, it's like they intentionally tried to be corny on quite a few of the songs. for example, the awkward pseudo-electric guitars on the second track ruin an otherwise beautiful song (and make it only "good"). frustrating stuff.

most certainly worth downloading if you liked their previous album.

1. オン・レティニー(ウェスト・ヴァージョン)
2. ア・グリーン・スパングルド・ディア
3. マルイ月トゥスヰート
4. オーヴァー・ザ・レインボウ
5. ランド
6. ア・クワシ・クワドレイト
7. ケサラン(インストゥルメンタル)
8. シックス・ラヴ・シクシー
9. グラジオラス(ブレス・ミックス)
10. オン・レティニー(イースト・ヴァージョン)


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