Hair Stylistics - EXPANDED PUSSIES

Expanded Pussies is a delightful album by the always insane Hair Stylistics (a.k.a. 中原昌也, a.k.a. 暴力温泉芸者). this album isn't terribly loud. instead it focuses on scratching and scraping and buzzing sounds. oh, and sex sounds. lots of sex sounds, as well as other interesting samples.

the most bizarre track on this album is probably "Boogie Night Of The Living Dead". it's almost entirely silent except for some screaming (yahooooo). i don't really understand it, but with 中原昌也 you're never supposed to understand; you're just supposed to enjoy.

1. Expanded Pussies
2. Violent Memories
3. Don't Look Backdoor Man
4. Boogie Night Of The Living Dead
5. Death at the Bodoukan


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