fiction - LUCIFERという名のお人形

LUCIFERという名のお人形 is an album by the legendary nagoya based fiction. i can't imagine fiction ever had too much success; the first incarnation of this band, GILLE' LOVES, apparently had a hell of a time getting anything recorded. in fact, allegedly their music doesn't sound so messy on purpose; apparently they couldn't get studio time. which is upsetting, considering fiction managed to put out such a masterpiece. i honestly consider this to be one of the most important albums in the goth rock genre. and it is very goth, by the way. they even do a cover of "the Passion of Lovers" by The Bauhaus. heh.

concerning the music, it's much cleaner than GILLE' LOVES music. GILLE' LOVES' albums sound very murky and incredibly bleak. this, on the other hand, is much closer to G-Schmitt (without the heavy pop influence). it is still very intense, though. the drums are crushed, and the guitars are high, while LUCI’FER LUSCIOUS Violenoue (what a name) sings along in her deep, droning voice. it's every thing i love about early japanese goth and post-punk.

side note: i feel like this may have played a heavy influence on bands in the visual kei scene, considering the spoken word bit on the third track. plenty of early visual kei bands did this sort of thing.

download this ASAP.

1. LUCIFERという名のお人形
3. 毛皮のヴィーナス -Venus in Furs-
4. 夜の末裔たち
5. ヴィオルヌの犯罪
6. 情熱は死、彼女(あのひと)は語る
8. 白昼夢 -Day Dream-
9. 囚われて


ps. if you use last.fm then make sure you tag this as fiction, and not "fiction". some asshole british "indie pop" group has taken over the last.fm page for the artist "fiction" . . . quite literally: users can no longer vote on which picture they want to be "fiction"'s top picture. completely ridiculous, of course, considering these guys are brand new, and fiction are from the 80s.


  1. YES! the title track is one of my favorite songs ever. Also good call on the spoken word bit, never thought of that.

  2. Gille Love's and Fiction are one of the best bands Ive ever heard. Love it.

  3. No idea if you even check comments on old things like this, but I've downloaded this from a couple of places and in all of them the Bauhaus cover cuts off abruptly. I'm curious whether it was meant to do that, and if not whether this copy does. Not sure if I really wanna download this like a 4th time if it's got the same problem (if it even is a problem).

  4. Downloaded and all songs are complete. Thanks for sharing! :)