Guilty Connector - DIFFERENT WATER

Different Water is an album by Guilty Connector. the title of the album is very fitting, considering the contents within; the roar of a waterfall, the bubbling of a brook, and the flowing of a fountain. this album explores the tranquility, as well as the violence, of water. the music crashes like a wave and then returns to the source, only to return to the shore and crash again. nakagawa kohei does his best to force the feeling of being caught in the undertow upon us.

my favorite track is probably the fourth track, titled "The Wheel Is Grind". it begins by roaring and screaming just like any other track on the album, but is soon intercepted by low ambient rolling, like the rolling of relentless waves.

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1. Different Water
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Evil Possessor
4. The Wheel Is Grind
5. Piss Factory
6. Guiltily Solvency
7. Xeno Phonogram


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