REBECCA was an incredibly popular pop-rock group that lasted from 1984 to 1989. they played synth-tinged pop-rock that was almost borderlining the sort of pop that the idols were making (which is a-okay as far as i'm concerned). REBECCA's music was tinged with the most delicate, softest emotions. a personal favorite of mine (not on this album) is their legendary "Friends" track. that shit fucking blew me away the first time i heard it, and then the accompanying video really brought the whole thing home. absolutely crushed. that may be because i know the lyrics; though the video ends with Nokko reuniting with her band, the lyrics do not come to such a conclusion. instead, she sings, "we can never go back, oh, friends / you seem further away than everyone else / we were always running, oh friends / i loved that look in your eyes . . . "

this album is another spectacular piece of emotionally poignant pop. the best track for me is the longing ホワイト・サンデイ (or "White Sunday"). the delicate acoustic guitar strumming away under the synth line is so somber, so gentle. incredible.

1. ホエン・ア・ウーマン・ラヴズ・ア・マン
2. ロンリー・バタフライ
3. タイム
4. (イッツ・ジャスト・ア)スマイル
5. ガール・スクール
6. ボス・イズ・オールウェイズ・ボッシング
7. チープ・ヒッピーズ
8. ホワイト・サンデイ
9. ネヴァー・トールド・ユー・バット・アイ・ラヴ・ユー



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