Bible is an album by legendary goth-rock act AUTO-MOD.

the opening of this album really sets the tone for the entire album (if not the entirety of AUTO-MOD's discography). A low droning synth opens the track. after that, a choir (led by Genet) boom over the speakers, pronouncing what i can only assume to be a malediction. their (or perhaps just his; this very well could be Genet's voice effected to sound like a full choir) slow moaning suddenly changes pace as string instruments are introduced. tragically, the track is only three minutes in length.
the track after this (解法への道 -Light-) is a complete change in pace. it's a catchy Christian Death-esque (Only Theatre Of Pain era, obviously) punk track. the beat is catchy, the chorus is catchy, the lyrics are singable . . . everything about this evokes "Romeo's Distress".
the rest of the album pretty much switches up between songs like these two, keeping a nice balance.

really good shit if (somehow) you don't already know about them.

1. A Prayer
2. 解法への道 -Light-
3. Tabula Rasa [I&II]
4. Realize
5. 子供たちへ
6. イースタニア幻想
7. Love Generation


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