D-DAY is a hard band to describe. they're somewhere in between G-SCHMITT and ゼルダ, but only superficially. there's something else going on here that i can't quite place my finger on. so, while there's a clear post-punk thing going on here, they also sounded like idol pop (most clear on tracks like "Memory"). but then, that's not quite it, either. there's something else happening here that gives this whole album a rather uncomfortable, almost sickly feeling.

this is most clear on the tracks "Dust", "Nostalgia", and "Sweet Sultan". "Dust" has a slow, muffled drum-machine sound, which is eventually accompanied by an electric guitar. the vocalist sings along in broken english. i'm not sure what she's going on about, but near the beginning i can make out "drinking some drugs . . . " whatever the fuck that means. her vocals remind me of tomo akikawabaya on this track. completely sincere in her vocal delivery, but completely unaware of how bad her english pronunciation is. later i think i can hear something like "give him, give him the cure, the cure . . . " overall the track is very mellow, with a certain murky element to it.
early on in the album, "Nostalgia" brings an entirely different feel; upbeat, cute (maybe), and bright as a sunbeam. on this track the "strangeness" is much easier to notice. perhaps it's the fuzzy synths and mock-chimes, or perhaps it's the strangely atonal guitars. either way, there's something off here.
"Sweet Sultan" is something else entirely. somehow the quasi idol-pop from the previous track is followed up by a heavy goth-rock track. the vocals are spoken, and they're often distorted here and there, or echoed, giving an entirely uneasy feeling to this track. slowly they distort almost entirely until the vocalist's little girl voice is unrecognizable.

download this for sure. most likely you won't like it at first, but it's most certainly is worth it if you give it a listen or to.


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  1. heyyy! I've found the lyrics: http://www.geocities.co.jp/MusicStar-Vocal/6102/grape_iris.htm