G-Schmitt - LSD

LSD is a single by G-SCHMITT. the a-side of this single is possibly my favorite song by this incredible band. mostly it's syoko's masterful vocal delivery (her low, breathy, moaning just drives me up the fucking waaalllllllllll). the best part, as far as i'm concerned, is her frantic repetition of "L S D, L S D, L S D!" at the end. incredible.

the b-side is pretty great, too, but it can't compare to the a-side.

1. LSD
2. Rudy II



  1. I'll have to disagree - the B-side is the shit as far as I'm concerned. Guess I'm getting softer with age. PINA - here I come!

  2. i dunno man, i guess i prefer their catchier pop stuff. LSD sounds like what REBECCA would sound like if they'd been on . . . L S D, L S D, L S D!!!!

    (speaking of which, i might as well upload some REBECCA . . . )

  3. Not hatin' on the A-side ...still a great song. Just digging the soft side of G-Schmitt a slight bit more (I'm the same when it comes to noise artists ..."Hell Driver" = best Gerogerigegege record).

    Guess I need something like LSD! LSD! LSD!

  4. actually, Hell Driver is my favorite Gero album, too. it's a shame Juntaro didn't do more albums like that (sure, he did more foundsound, but nothing quite as amazing as Hell Driver).

  5. also, LSD is probably my favorite by them :3

  6. do you have lyrics for this song?