LOOKING BACK (intro to sex revisited)

while this blog has yet to reach it's first anniversary, it's still the beginning of a new year. time for retrospection.

in my first post on this blog i stated that i would focus on noise, power electronics, and pop. while i have fulfilled the latter of those three genres, this blog is severely lacking in noise and power electronics. this is due to the fact that i'd rather not post something that i was able to find with a simple google search. that doesn't really help you, and certainly doesn't make this blog very useful. instead, i have focused on pop and post-punk (and new wave, if you believe that is indeed an actual genre, and not just a movement) from the deeper annals of japan. i'm certainly satisfied with what i've shared so far.

enjoy another year of Softly Sleeping Rose.

all my best to you, with love
- Loser Knife

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