ZERO:HOUR is, as far as i'm concerned, one of the most flawless post-punk records in existence. every song is perfect. this is almost more like pop-post-punk, though, honestly. every song is so catchy, not a single one is really all that dark (there are two ballads near the end, but that's about as close as it gets to being dark and suicidal, like most of the other post-punk and goth that i post here). it's very uplifting stuff, like listening to The Cure's first album or something like that.

my favorite song is most certainly the second track "Sexaroid Insane" and the 4th track, "薔薇心中". so fucking catchy.

1. I Wanna Get It
2. Sexaroid Insane
3. From Beyond
4. 薔薇心中
5. Ironical Agitation
6. Psychic Force
7. Paradise Lost
8. タイトル無し