Forseti - JENZIG

Jenzig is, as far as i'm concerned, the seminal work of Andreas Ritter (aka Forseti). of course, even though his first album ended up being his best, his other two were also masterpieces. Forseti never failed to satisfy even for a moment while he was still recording; as far as i'm aware, he is currently in a comatose state. i've also heard that it's worse than that, and that he's actually vegetative. nonetheless, no other neofolk artist has ever surpassed what Forseti achieved on this album (unless you're willing to count 井内賢吾 as neofolk).

the mood here is not quite so somber or brooding as his later albums. instead, this is a very lighthearted record that evokes a childlike spring. which, of course, is odd for neofolk. regardless, this is the best of the best; it doesn't matter in the slightest that every other neofolk musician is pining for death and destruction and a melancholic autumn. i listen to Jenzig and i feel full of joy, and i feel refreshed. the most obvious examples of this joyful nature are on the opening track and perhaps "Heilige Welt".

every song here is perfect. i can't imagine anyone disliking this.

1. Gesang der Jünglinge
2. Am Abend
3. Heilige Welt
4. Abschied
5. Erlkönig
6. Wolfszeit
7. Jenzig
8. Jenzig II