FLOWERS is an album by Der Zibet frontman, Issay. it's different from Der Zibet in that it has no post-punk influences. it may have some proto-punk influences, but otherwise it's very much a pop album. and a very good one at that. it's incredibly gentle music. it feels like i should be sitting on a beach during the evening, with swaying palm-trees and a softly whispering breeze blowing back my hair. weird imagery, and you might not get this, but it's how it made me feel. don't ask.

there are some genuinely strange sounds going on here. for example, in the track 時には母のない子の様に. it has some accordions (i think) but the drumming and synths make it feel so primal and earthy. but, i think my favorite track would have to be 悲しくてやりきれない. it's so luscious.

most certainly something that a fan of 土屋昌巳 or GUNIW TOOLS would enjoy.

1. あかずの踏切り
2. いとしのマックス
3. 夜と朝のあいだに
4. 悲しくてやりきれない
5. 恋のハレルヤ
6. 時には母のない子の様に
7. 朝までまてない
8. 時の過ぎゆくままに
9. 宵待草
10. 花が咲いて
11. シーサイドバウンド



  1. Do u say Guniw Tools? *O*

  2. /gorgeous/ thank you very much!

  3. No post-punk influences? Very gentle music? The mass amounts of bass distortion and Big Black-esque drum sound disagrees with you.

    You're normally so spot on, but you're just being crazy here. CRAZY.