SODOM - P.E. / Peak Experience

so, here's another acid house album by my favorite band, SODOM. this album is at least as fabulous their self-titled album that came after this. that's all you really need to know; if you liked SODOM then i can pretty much guarantee you'll like this.

the first track, "U Can", seems to be like an early blue-print for the fantastic performance of "Can U Acid?" (which, tragically, does not exist on any album, single, or EP that i'm aware of). it's not quite as tight or giddy as that song that i fear was only played live, but it's still really great.

the second track is a totally questionable remix (and re-recording of) their opus, "Beyond...". i'm not entirely sure what drove them to remake this song, but whatever; it's totally awesome/retarded. fortunately, it sounds like an entirely different song, so it's not really tainting the original. i've listened to it billions of times by now, of course, but it's still a goofy song.

track three ("Voice In Your Eyes" . . . what?) opens with this ridiculous synthetic strings, and just gets stupider/awesomer from there. the vocals are great, though, so this is one of my favorite tracks from the album. and basically the rest of the album keeps up with this same sort of corny-awesomeness. i can't get over how much i love this album.

also, that album cover is so excellent. it kinda reminds me of Grace Jones (and the music does have roots in disco, so this is a little fitting).

p.s. i'm almost tempted to call this a remix album, except that these are re-imaginings; all of the recordings here are fresh.

1. U Can
2. Beyond (Tom Tom Mix)
3. Voice In Your Eyes
4. Art Of Lav (Factory Style)
5. Joy & Pain
6. Castle In The Air (Sweet Dub)
7. King Of House (Groove Your Body)
8. Lovers Around (O・A Mix)
9. Egypt (Haza's Beat)



  1. Thanks for upload so much material by this band. ソドム we terrifying in their complete mastery of so many different styles of music.

    Fortunately, there is a lot of great live material of them available on youtube. Have you heard the song "Two Tribes"?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm13AKOkcr4

    Its amazing, and I don't know if it shows up on any of their proper recordings or comps.
    Absolutely adore your blog.

  2. i should point out that "ソドム" is actually not the correct way to write it. it is indeed "SODOM". but you're welcome. :3

    i've seen most of their stuff that's been uploaded to youtube. of course, it's difficult to properly search for them, considering there's a western thrash metal band that uses the same name. hadn't seen that one, though. i have all of their material that's listen in most databases, and unfortunately that song isn't on any of them. it kills me that i can't read (and understand) japanese, because if i could i could probably find out where this song is from. it's so good.

    i think i would give both of my testicles to see them perform live. that might be an overstatement, but it's an overstatement i'm willing to make!

  3. I think the katakana is on the first album. Anyway, I do speak and read Japanese and haven't been able to place that song. Maybe I should just message the uploader. I think it may be an unrecorded number they were playing live around 1987. They open this show with it:

    Although that video's visual says "Loft" (a famous Tokyo club you've probably heard of. I've been to their new location), the video's title lists the date and proper location: Inkstick in Shiba'ura, Tokyo. There is even a Japanese Wikipedia page about the club, so it must have been a pretty happening place.

    I'd LOVE to get that show on a less hissy MP3. Its amazing.

  4. awesome! not only do i love sodom, but i've been trying to get all the releases put out by transistor records, which is where this came from. perfect!!! thanks for this!

  5. i just realized that sodom is the beherit of japan, what do you think?

  6. any chance you could toss up King Ov House somewhere? only other blogs that have posted it were wiped out