Der Eisenrost - Tokyo Fist

here is a spectacular OST for a spectacular film (of the same name) by a spectacular director. 石川忠 has been a favorite composer of mine for a while now, likely because of his partnership with 塚本晋也 on some many of 塚本's films (i previously posted a compilation of songs from his TETSUO films). so, this will most certainly satisfy those who enjoyed the soundtrack to TETSUO: The Iron Man. the same frantic drums and mechanical grinding percussion is on display here, and there are even moments of delicate meditation here (anytime the song "Lost" would play during TETSUO i would fall under a gentle spell of reflection).

anyways, really excellent stuff here. most certainly check this out.

1. Knock Off
2. Over Crowd
3. Gryphis Glaucus
4. Going Down For...
5. Half Truth
6. Move On
7. Selene



  1. Shinya Tsukamoto is a genius! Maybe you also know the 'Halber mensch' video

  2. you mean for the album of the same name by Einsturzende Neubauten? yes, i've seen it, but that was directed by Ishii Sogo, not Tsukamoto Shinya.

  3. Awesome soundtrack. Ishikawa Chu is amazing. Tsukamoto is my favorite director. First fell in love with his work after being turned inside-out by "TETSUO" almost 15 years ago. Can't wait to see his latest, "Kotoko."

  4. I know! just tought like to see if you like Tetsuo

  5. Link is dead! Coul you possibly reup this pleeeeaaaase???