not all that interesting for a cover . . .

nonetheless, SODOM's cover of "Cry" by The Birthday Party is certainly an interesting root of how the band's constantly changing sound came to be.

annnnd, here's the original:

i say it's not particularly interesting because it is, besides the intro, an exact remake of the original. all the same, SODOM's cover is superior.


  1. The intro is actually a separate song called "Banshee". Both tracks came on a single-sided promo flexi on Trans Records around the same time as the "TV Murder" LP came out.

  2. That version of "Cry" sounds different from the one on "Prayers On Fire." The reverb at the end and pacing are different. SODOM were great, but I definitely prefer THE BIRTHDAY PARTY's original.

  3. That version of "Cry" is actually from the The Birthday Party John Peel sessions, which I never found quite as good as the original.