DIE-ZW3E - AZITO~空カラノ手紙~

AZITO~空カラノ手紙~ is a really great album by post-punk band DIE-ZW3E. they were heavily inspired by heavy metal and hard rock, but their sound is still very post-punk. this of course was a very common sound in the early visual kei scene (with other bands like VOIS having a very similar sound). tracks like "空からの手紙-From your friend-" have that undeniable post-punk and borderline goth sound to them.

1. AZITO-少年の日-
2. FUCK-拝啓世間様-
3. For My Tomorrow-現実の中で-
4. 空からの手紙-From your friend-
5. 夢のいた頃-路地裏の風-
6. DOCTOR-修正不能?-
7. PRIDE-昨日までの自分を超えて-


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