Manierisme - 過去と悲哀

some more raw black metal. this time by Manierisme. this is his 2010 album 過去と悲哀. for those that already know Manierisme, you'll know that his music has very little order or structure to it. the guitars sound like their melting and bending and falling apart as he plays them (jekyll does play all of the instruments). all of the music if very, very, very disjointed, which gives it an absolutely terrifying sound. it almost sounds like a noise album from time to time. if 井内賢吾 made black metal instead of neofolk then this is what it would sound like.

even though it's not depressive black metal, it does somewhat remind me of Silencer and other outsider dsbm like that.

1. 暗い現実
2. 過去と悲哀
3. マニエリスム
4. 頭の中の虫
5. 今は失われた場所
6. 歴代の信念
7. 永らかに眠り
8. 呪われた運命
9. 葬式
10. 存在しない思い出
11. 色褪せた写真
12. 最後の詩
13. 不幸の中終わる


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  1. I liked a lot this release!
    also, the cover art <3