SODOM - 聖レクイエム

聖レクイエム seems to be a compilation of two eps by ソドム (sodomu, or just "sodom"). this is some reeeeeeeeeeeeeally incredible hardcore punk. this band has become a favorite of mine recently (after i discovered their album TV Murder {which i may be inclined to upload later on}). the production is really bad, but like a very large portion of japanese hardcore this was probably intentional.
the highlight of this album isn't actually a hardcore punk track; it's post-punk (surprise, surprise). after a somewhat fast-tempo rendition of Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor (simply titled 「ソナタ」), the drums take on a primal beat, and the guitar slows down. the vocalist's mumbling comes across like he's all alone in a huge empty factory. delightfully dreary.

1. ソドミズム
2. スペルマ爆弾
3. L.S.D
4. 自殺
5. パブリック
6. カンゴフ K
7. 夜姦菌狐
8. ソナタ
9. 聖レクイエム
10. Wild Fire
11. Neo Psychick
12. Night Burning
13. Dung
14. Chrome
15. Kid Napper
16. Frog
17. Construct
18. Pizz
19. A-Flat
20. Lust!
21. Mouse To Mouth
22. Vanish
23. Acoustic Birds
24. Rock Out
25. Terminal Point
26. Over Lap



  1. never been into punk much, but this band really "locks"!

  2. @ Sootoo: but punk is great! y'know, as long as you avoid . . . 80% of it (-`ω´- )

  3. Do you have any of Sodoms later records like the album Beyond????

  4. The first 7 songs are from the awesome "ADK Omnibus Vol. 1" comp, the rest from the original "Hijiri Requiem" album. ソドム were just amazing. I don't know how they were able to move so fluidly from one masterwork to another (in different styles and genres, no less).