kc+loid -「弑逆の理」

「弑逆の理」 is one of my favorite albums from the "visual kei" scene in early the 1990s in Japan. of course, this really has nothing to do with bullshit like Malice Mizer or AN CAFE; plenty of legit post-punk, goth/death-rock, and hardcore (often a fusion of the those three genres) bands played in the scene. KC+loid is something else entirely. from the beginning of the album to the end it is a spectacular piece of post-punk. it is as melancholic and loathing as any Cinema Strange or Sex Gang Children album.

the standout track, as far as i'm concerned, is the finale: "Genesis of Lasting".

1. 凶葬
2. 水槽の中の鳥-dying swan-
3. Death Penalty
4. ドグマティズム
5. 碧い棺桶
6. 「弑逆の理」
7. 終わらない世界
8. Genesis of Lasting


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