Picky Picnic - くるくるワールド

Picky Picnic are mostly known for their Residents-esque style on their albums Picnic Land and Ha Ha! Tarachine, albums that are completely insane. the style they are not known for is the avant-pop sound that they present on their last two albums.

you noticed that i used the word "pop" to describe these later albums, so it goes without saying that they were something of a great departure from their original style. Kuru Kuru World is perhaps the more ordered and fun of the two later albums.
on this album, the vocals are adorable, not schizophrenic and squeaky. that is perhaps the most obvious difference. the vocals sound like a twelve year-old boy. how they managed to achieve this is beyond me. i entertained the idea that they actually had a boy singing when i first heard this, but it is this way on all of their avant-popish records. this is most certainly the squeaky guy from Ha Ha! Tarachine.

there is nothing dark about this record. it is cute, and catchy as fuck. it's surreal that these guys were making such batshitfuckingcrazy music before. but, to be honest, i enjoy this at least as much as their older music.

1. Someday-いつか-
2. ドレミの歌
3. バンブー・サンバ・ルンバ
4. タラッタ
5. サンデー・ナイト・フィーバー
6. Love on the beach
7. ファンファーレ
8. どんぐり行進曲
9. It's a hysterical place
10. Tsuntapunk
11. びょうき
12. トリップ・サンドイッチ
13. Go Go Twins
14. (仮)放課後


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  1. hi!
    this is a really good cd! it seems like the material from cynical hysteria world is just tracks from the second half of this one. is this correct? whats the other album they did besides "ha! ha! tarachine", "kuru kuru world" and "cynical hysteria world"? thanks!!