Picky Picnic - PICNIC LAND

not much is known about this band. basically, they were two guys in japan during the 1980s who made insane, childlike music. they only released one official album (Ha! Ha! Tarachine, which can be found via mutant-sounds.blogspot). this is mostly a bootleg (so i've heard), and can indeed be found over the internet. unfortunately, the entire album is always split into two tracks (side a, side b). the version that i present here has been corrected.

Picky Picnic is often wrongfully compared to The Residents. there is certainly a resemblance, as they are both insane pseudo-pop. however, The Residents have never seemed "childlike." Picky, on the other hand, is absolutely childlike. when listening to any of their music i imagine hand-puppets, super glue, googly-eyes, and crayons, all mixed together with a heavy helping of speed + LSD. it's like a six year-old having the worst trip ever.

it's like if My Neighbors the Yamadas had a subplot about cannibalism.



  1. this album is really spectacular

  2. thanks, lost track of my mp3 of this and dont feel like finding the tape bootleg to rip. the more apt comparison would be to renaldo and the loaf instead of the residents, although picky picnic would certainly have fit in well on the ralph lineup