Yami no Hou E

today i am presenting you with my all time favorite artist, Takato Yamamoto. Yamamoto essentially paints luscious "yaoi boys" (effete femme boytoys), but with the taste and sensibilities of Suehiro Maruo. indeed, i would almost call him the gay Maruo if it wasn't for the fact that Yamamoto plumps much deeper into darkness than Maruo.

Yamamoto's boys are wrapped in layer after layer of decay, decadence, and misery. they stare out of their dark tombs seductively like sickly feral cats, or hungry serpents. their beautiful faces twist in pain/pleasure.

(may have already guessed, but the header for this blog is a piece by Yamamoto).

today, i present you one of his mangas, Yami no Hou E. not much plot (pretty much nonexistent, actually), but the illustrations are absolutely superb.



  1. That was pretty fucking boring. Yamamoto is definitely a competent artist, but the entire "narrative" read like some generic 16-year-old shit some Livejournal fag wrote after reading The Stranger for the first time while trying to be as bluntly "poetic" as possible. I really hope you can do better than this entry-level pseudo-nihilism.

  2. @ lane powell: welp, it looks like you missed the point of why i posted this completely. the art is good. i actually said that the plot is essentially nonexistent.

    please don't comment again if you're going to act like a boring cunt.

  3. LOL! "boring cunt" xD
    I love this artist! Thanks and i hope to see more of his work in this blog ^^