Pure was a two issue magazine released by Peter Sotos, notorious hedonist/libertine and former member of power electronics founding band Whitehouse (whose albums i promised, but will most likely not be able to provide directly from this blog [i do have them, however, so ask, and you will receive]). this magazine that he published himself (because no one else would) is essentially the modern-day version of 120 Days of Sodom; nothing is taboo, nothing is frowned upon (except christian morals). Sotos praises pedophiles, rapists, and serial killers, writing long articles describing their antics, worshiping death.
suffice it to say the weak of heart should avert their gaze. i will be honest; this shocked me and frustrated me upon first read. it is . . . sickening.


1 (pdf)
2 (pdf)
extras (.rar)

[kindly provided by my friend La Grippe over at Terror Noise Audio]


  1. got any of captain kiddy fiddlers other stuff by chance?

    me and la grippe had a pretty decent conversation over his work and i think im ready to actually nose dive into his stuff.

  2. Very sick, so i like it.

  3. Thank you for posting this and for all your blog that I have only recentely discovered.

    I love everything from it.

    I have read so much about this magazine in any history of industrial culture and I am ready to its infamos content...


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  5. Hello.
    Like the reader above, I'd very much love to get my hands on Pure.
    I'd be eternally grateful if you shared the magazine again or maybe sent it my way via e-mail - moespider@gmail.com , if at all possible. I know this might be a long shot considering how much time passed since you last posted it.
    I absolutely adore every singe thing you shared up till now. Thank you.

  6. also wondering if i could get a copy of these zines. i would very much appreciate it. my email is liammcgeorge@gmail.com
    thank you very much in advance. and i would like you to know that you have a wonderfull blog! thank you!

  7. fucking cunt he is. i so believe that he is pretty much a wannabe extreme artist that deserve some attention in a jail - since WHEN destroyin lives of innocents (while criminals,on the other hand...) is a thing to depict with appreciation? THATS SICK..