Bloody Woods - COLOUR

Colour is the second album by the chinese neofolk group Bloody Woods. the band is made up of 白水 (Bai Shui) and Gu Dao. on this album, they are also joined by the vocalist Lamia, from Whisper Of Tears. not much information is available in english about these guys, but a couple sources (mostly just their last.fm page) would suggest that Gu Dao had left at this point, leaving just Bai Shui and Lamia. either way, they make gorgeous neofolk that gets its roots from western, as well as middle-eastern music (you'd think that a neofolk band from china would play traditional chinese folk, and i almost wish that they did).
the highlight tracks off this album are "Ai Vist Lo Lop" (which seems to be an old hungarian classic, though correct if i'm wrong about this) and "Orange Blossom Ring".



  1. I think this is pretty unique, i am eternally grateful, i love to know new good bands like this...Well is new for me. ANd this New-Folk style is marvellous.

  2. I agree with Dante.. very refreshing. Just want to say.. really REALLY enjoying all the music you have posted up here!! like reading your words too! Keep up the good work!! My yt channel: youtube.com/user/hejafish