ASYLUM was a hardcore and post-punk band from the late 1980s and early 1990s. although they did poof up their hair and put on makeup, they had very little to do with other bands from the proto-visual kei scene. they sound more like a mix between YBO², GASTUNK, and SODOM (and are similar to SODOM and GASTUNK in that all three wore makeup and played a form of hardcore).

unlike the other two, however, ASYLUM's sound was much more influenced by post-punk (SODOM did briefly experiment with post-punk before moving onto . . . something else). also, unless i'm mistaken, there's most certainly a prog influence.

i've been listening to them quite a bit lately, and you should, too.

1. Nothin' To Be A Friend
2. White Dreamer
3. Farewell
4. 幸福の終りに
5. Out In The Street
6. 哀願
7. Esa
8. Incest
9. 夢宴
10. Finale
11. Christmas N.G.
12. Tybe Vatamia Platami



  1. great post, this band is a jewel... as said, this band was fully inserted in 80's post-punk/hardcore/experimental scene, constantly giging and taking part in VA's with such artists as Z.O.A, Zeitlich Vergelter, 黒色エレジー, YBO², SURREALISTIC MEN, BEARDSLEY.. and even artists like JOJO広重 and WHITE HOSPITAL... the mistagging of them on lastfm is annoying... I bet that is due to a person who bought some of their albums just for believing they were visual kei and posted them in a visual kei forum :/

  2. Fuck yeah ASYLUM! Great band, big favorites of mine. I think their still active, doing sporadic gigs now and then.

    This is a compilation of all their EP:s and omnibus apperances. For some reason though, this comp is actually much harder to find than the actual records it compiles.

  3. you scared me, i thought this was a farewell to your blog