Cook Some Dishes is an album by shibuya-kei master, Yukari Fresh. Yukari Fresh's childlike voice and delightfully bubbly pop is what made me fall in love with shibuya-kei. i discovered Yukari Fresh before i ever discovered Pizzicato Five, Flipper's Guitar, Fantastic Plastic Machine, or any of the other more well known acts from the genre. years before that, in fact.

the highlight of this album are the three last tracks, which may as well be one single track.

one of the most impressive things about yukari, i think, is her almost flawless pronunciation of the english language. it's nice to, for once, have some japanese pop that i can actually sing along with, hahahahahahahhahaaaaaahahaha

1. introduction MC
2. 17.1
3. 17.2
4. 17.3
5. 17.4
6. angelterre
7. david
8. is this disco?
9. alan
10. cook some dishes
11. 3.5.2


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  1. This blog is awesome, I'm really digging here. No link for this one? I tried so much to find it...